90 Day Challenge Countdown

Well folks it is August 1 and we are 30 days away from the 90 Day Fitness Challenge. People are starting to sign up and that is a great thing! The more the merrier/sweatier!!

In another week or two I am going to post my fitness plan that I will be following for the 90 days. As for now…. read below…

OK so there are a lot of things involved with a fitness challenge.

  • A plan!
  • Motivation
  • Diet
  • Being ready!

Well I am sure there is more, but I just wanted to point out a few things. The reason I am starting this Sept 1 is so we can be both physically prepared and mentally prepared. Using this time to create a plan is so important. You should really have the 90 days planned out as to your workouts and your diet. It is nice and easy to follow a plan and check off the days you have finished. That can be a real mental boost to see the days of the calendar marked off as a sweet workout!

The way I am going to that is by doing the following.  This month I am going to be doing work outs 2 -3 times a week with 1 day of that being cardio. I know this is not a lot, but I have been doing nothing this summer and the last thing I want to do is start this contest and burn out in the first two weeks.

By doing this “pre workout” I can accomplish a few things. For one I can get into a bit better shape and not have to deal with the soreness I would normally have busting into some crazy fitness challenge. Two I am not only getting into better shape I am also getting more overall energy to get me through the beginning stages of the challenge. The first two weeks can be a nightmare, but if you can get through that you can get through the rest. Three this prepares me mentally as well. This gets me back into the mindset that, hey I love how I feel when I am working out and sweating. It also gets me used to waking up early and getting back into the routine.

All in all this is going to help tremendously. Could I do nothing until Sept 1 and jump right into the contest? Of course I could, but just doing a few things beforehand will really help out in the long run.

If you have no clue what this 90 Day Fitness Challenge is then Click Here to find out and get ready to get in the best shape of your life!

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