Fit Test 3 and Max Training Begins!

max workouts

Helppp!! lol that’s all I can say after today’s max interval workout. Yikes! Was it the fit test I did before it? Was it just because it was monday morning and I woke up at 5:30am so I could get the fit test and the workout in? Who knows. All I know is I got beat up today, but beat up in a good way.

I listed my 3rd Fit Test scores below. My scores are not a huge increase, but I can say this… I was in way better shape doing them today. Better form and I did not feel like I was going to die lol. I also really didn’t push myself as hard as I could have because I had the Max workout next and did not want to be burnt out. Like I said I felt so much better doing the fit test then that last time and that is progress enough for me! I think for the final fit test I will try and do it in the afternoon when I am more awake.

I love doing my workouts in the morning, but I def get a better workout later in the day or evening I just don’t have time to do that.

As for my first Max work out? Just wow. The warm up whooped me good. Some of these circuits are nuts! I sweat more today then any other day before. I know I am getting a great workout! I am really excited to start tweaking my diet a bit more. I have been looking into Paleo Diet type stuff so we shall see how that goes!

There were some points in the workout where I said to myself, self can I really do this for the next 30 days? This is tough!! Maybe ill just turn the dvd off half way through!! aghhhh. Nope gotta push through!! Dig Deep!! Results aren’t going to come if I bail out. I just keep thinking how great I will feel both mentally and physically after the workout!

Also check out some new Shaun T Quotes lol.

And… on a side note!! Haha that kid Jeff is an animal he really works hard, but he needs to take it easy. At the end of the workout he starts spinning on his back and almost takes out Ariel at the end. She was like WTF dude!! hahaha I have to replay it, because I don’t think he hit her, but he came dang close!!

1. Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep)

* 1st Test- 47
* 2nd Test – 57
* 3rd Test – 57

2. Power Jacks

* 1st Test- 29
* 2nd Test – 45
* 3rd Test – 42

3. Power Knees

* 1st Test- 55
* 2nd Test – 67
* 3rd Test – 79

4. Power Jumps

* 1st Test- 21
* 2nd Test – 15
* 3rd Test – NA

5. Globe Jumps

* 1st Test- 8
* 2nd Test – NA
* 3rd Test – NA

6. Suicide Jumps

* 1st Test- 13
* 2nd Test – 17
* 3rd Test – 14

7. Push Up Jacks

* 1st Test- 20
* 2nd Test – 26
* 3rd Test – 25

8. Low Plank Oblique

* 1st Test- 24
* 2nd Test – 46
* 3rd Test – 48

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