I Finished Insanity

insanity is over

I did it, I finished insanity! I hope you get the “Rocky” picture? Ya know the song Getting Strong Now in Rocky? Name of my blog yada yada! Anyways… I did it! I made it through insanity!

CLICK HERE for the before and after picture.

I have to say that I feel great! I think I even look a little better too I did not get supermodel/body builder ripped, but I think I really changed myself. I feel strong, so strong and limber. I also have a lot more energy and that is one of the great rewards in doing the Insanity workout. Having energy and not feeling like a lazy lump is a beautiful thing.

I have to say I was not sure if I would really get through the whole workout. I mean we are talking 6 days a week here, even Saturday which pretty much for me was never, ever a workout day

This has jump started a whole new regimen for me. In fact I had no workout planned today so I hit the gym for the first time in 2 months. Sure if felt good to throw the weights around a bit, but I just did not have that feeling of accomplishment like I did while finishing my insanity workout nor the sweat soaked shirt.

I think the future holds P90x for me hehe. Either that or maybe another round of Max workouts. My cardio after Insanity is great! I am thinking now I want to tone up a bit more and I am thinking that P90x will do that for me. Anyone out there do both yet? If so which did you do first?

So I finished on saturday and they have the final fit test schedule for Sunday which I really did not think I would do. So Sunday rolled along and at about 5:30PM on sunday, don’t ask me how I got motivated, but I went out to the garage to do the fit test.

What was my main goal in the fit test? To beat TANYA in something! haha so i attacked the switch kicks with a passion and beat her. I have to call for the B.S. on some of her numbers lol I mean c’mon some of her results are pretty sick. You know Chris is over on the other side like WTF this is nuts hahah. Anyways you can see I did better in mostly everything. I really felt great during and after doing them as well.

All in all I can say that Insanity is worth it! You really do have to dig deep and get motivated and stick with it. Like I said I am not super ripped, but I feel my physique is much better then when I started and this has built a foundation that I will build off of. We have to remember that the Insanity workout or any other fitness routine that we get into isn’t just about finishing it and then that’s it, it is about creating a lifestyle change to become healthier not just for 60 days, but for the rest of your life. Don’t depend on modern medicine to save you from 90% of the crap you can prevent by eating right and staying in shape!!

You can also read my ongoing Insanity workout review over here http://www.gettingstrongnow.com/insanity-workout-review/

Oh and today’s my 32nd birthday and I could prob whoop the 17 year old version of my self

1. Switch Kicks (2 kicks = 1 rep)

* 1st Test- 47
* 2nd Test – 57
* 3rd Test – 57
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 61 “Beat Tanya ”

2. Power Jacks

* 1st Test- 29
* 2nd Test – 45
* 3rd Test – 42
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 55

3. Power Knees

* 1st Test- 55
* 2nd Test – 67
* 3rd Test – 79
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 87

4. Power Jumps

* 1st Test- 21
* 2nd Test – 15
* 3rd Test – NA
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 38

5. Globe Jumps

* 1st Test- 8
* 2nd Test – NA
* 3rd Test – NA
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – NA no room to do them

6. Suicide Jumps

* 1st Test- 13
* 2nd Test – 17
* 3rd Test – 14
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 17

7. Push Up Jacks

* 1st Test- 20
* 2nd Test – 26
* 3rd Test – 25
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 30

8. Low Plank Oblique

* 1st Test- 24
* 2nd Test – 46
* 3rd Test – 48
* 4th – Had to skip :-(
* Final – 31

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One thought on “I Finished Insanity

  1. Cheryl

    Yeah Tanya is full of it. Well who knows, but she is off the charts. Congrats on finishing Insanity! It is a killer workout. I think you will love p90-x as well. Please keep us posted on the p90x workouts as well. It has been a pleasure listening to you get through insanity.


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