Insanity Asylum Review

What is Insanity Asylum?

The Insanity Asylum is just that! The Asylum where of us Shaun T Insanity Junkies come for more! If you have finished Insanity and are looking for more then the Insanity Asylum is gonna be your ticket! Think you got what it takes? Looks like I have to find a new place to work out since this seems like it is going to take up a bit more room. Actually from what I saw in the video I may just need to modify some moves, and maybe pass on some of those long jump type moves. Either way I am sure it is going to be a killer workout! Shaun looks pretty ripped in these vids. It is also cool to see some of the Insanity cast in the workouts and some new faces!

Its here!


  • Asylum is finally here are you going to dig even deeper and get ready for game day with Shaun T and the crew? You better get your behind in gear!! DIG DEEP!! LETS SCOOOOOOOOO

Talk about Insane

Oh man this looks brutal but in a good way lol. Shaun T is coming back strong with the Insanity Asylum! If you have been looking for a way to take it to the next level then I think this is the game killer right here!

One thought on “Insanity Asylum Review

  1. shaun avance

    insanity was the best program i have ever done in my life. it help me drop from 200lbs to 169. and it helped me get started in my career as a personal trainer. know im ready for the next.


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