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If you have done Insanity then you will know the Shaun T quotes during the workouts and if you have done it multiple times or go back to the workouts to supplement your fitness goals then you will definitely start to know the cast members of insanity. They become your friends when you are digging dip day in day out with the crew.JOSH!! lol

As I was finishing up Cardio Power & Resistance I was wondering who are these people and what is there deal? How did they get in the test group? Are they still doing Insanity? Are they all fat now lol jk.

Here is some info I was able to gather about cast members of Insanity. It is not a full list so if you have any more info please leave it in the comments area. Cast if you read this then shoot me any updates or links to existing projects you are involved in and I will link up to it. If you have info on other cast members that is appreciated. Thanks!

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Well first we all know Tanai There seems to be a love/hate relationship going on out there for her.

taniaFull name is Tania Ante Baron you can view her facebook page here and the I hate page here << duh wrong spelling… anyways. She had an adorable baby recently and from the looks of it she is still Digging Deep! Go Tania! You can also click here for some images of Tania


Rachel-buschertRachel Buschert Vaziralli – We all like Rachel and are excited about her sports bra. hahha. See the things you learn doing Insanity. Seems Rachel has had a nice career boost from this as you can see on her site You can see her facebook profile here I always remember Rachel from the infomercial and she always kicks butt even when she is dogging it in the Upper Body Workout! JK Rachel. That is a great workout by the way. The bonus Upper Body Workout with weights. Good stuff! Rachel is Digging Deep!! Lets SCooooo!!!! UPDATE For Rachel!! After I posted this I tried to contact everyone. Rachel actually got back to me. Cool chick She is actually in a contest to win money to make her own videos. You can vote for her here  I just did. You can vote everyday until Sept 30 so get in there and vote. Good Luck Rachel. This is where you need to get a tweet from Shaun T and the rest of the cast You can also check out her audio indo0r cycle workout in iTunes here


ariel-shepleyNext a member we all love well at least I do is Ariel Shepley. Seems she is a dance. Shaun T is always trying to get her to talk during the workouts. Ha when they do the ball triceps move sh squeaks, but honestly try to talk in the position. I did and I squeaked to. Pretty funny if you ask me! She has the best form out of anyone in the cast in my opinion. This looks like her facebook page but there is not much on it I was also able to find some more info about her here

JOSHJosh Berresford aka “JOSH!!” Ha ya gotta love JOsh! Cracks me up every time I hear Shaun T correct him. All good Josh we know how it is. At least you get a shout out Seems like Josh is quite the actor and has been on a few tv shows/series. You can check out his site here You can check out his Facebook page here


JimmyJimmy Hays Nelson – I knew Jimmy was a coach from the videos. I wonder how many other cast members are coaches. Would be silly not to be Seems Jimmy has been very busy as you can see on his facebook page! Love that header image! Awesome. He also has a sweet website promoting shakeology and beach body as well! You can check that out here

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