Insanity Workout Review

Hey there, if you came here to learn about the Insanity Workout then you are one step closer to getting in the best shape of your life!!

Here is the deal. It is simple. Hard work, good diet and you are going to get results. It is easy to do! The thing about things that are easy to do is that they are also easy NOT to do!

Insanity puts it all together for your. Follow these program for 60 days, follow the nutrition meal plan guide that comes with it and you will transform your body. Heck you can even try Shakeology! You just have to show up and do it! Get out of your head and just show up!

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Here is How Much Space is Needed to Do Insanity.

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41 thoughts on “Insanity Workout Review

  1. Theresa

    hi i’ve just started the workout today with the fitness test .. I used to do a lot of running but haven’t done any for a year !
    is still ok for me to do the insanity workout ? im up for the challenge but .
    just worried that if I don’t keep up with the Sean T I wont get the results I ?

  2. Podgy

    Now then! the DVD’s have just arrived. Starting thursday morning. just a thought . . . I will fininsh teh programme, but then what? How do you sustain the success?. . . is it a case that this is the fitness programme forever?

    I’m relativley fit but I want to improve body shape! but I want to sustain it post the 60 days!

    1. Christopher Azzari Post author

      Hey Podgy congrats on getting started. Many people will take a week off after the 60 days and start again. It is all up to you, but the one thing you will have after these 60 days is a new look on fitness. YOu will be in great shape. I like to do a lot of obstacle races. These gives me a reason to keep moving and stay in shape and something to work towards.

      You could switch up to an insanity / p90x hyrbrid next. That is a great workout!!

  3. Jeff

    Im 54 years old . I’ve been doing p90x for 4 years and just started I
    insanity . … So far really enjoy it . Look forward to workouts every day

  4. Nidget

    I am about to start my second month. I was running 3.5 miles on the treadmill and doing bowflex 3x a week and when I started insanity it kicked my butt! I sweat like crazy and the jumps are getting easier but I haven’t really started seeing any results. Will that change once I start getting into the max workouts ??? I hope so

  5. Jlee

    Day 2 of insanity! (I do have to say my back is killing me)
    Little bit about me :
    I consider myself a pretty fit girl, run everyday and average 35 miles wk
    I decided to take on the insanity challenge
    As I have already have done the px90 &
    Wanted to see what all the hype was about!
    2 days down 58 to go
    Wish me luck!

  6. Gary

    I have just got insanity but I am a bit worried about doing it. I have a heart condition called atrial fibrillation. So any advice would be great

  7. Kevin

    On Day 16 of INSANITY, and I must say I have developed a bit of a man-crush on Shaun T. Haha. This program is life changing. Already I see some very promising results. Abs are starting to show through, endurance is up, and I killed it on my second fit test! My only issue is the meal plan requires too much prep. The hours I keep between work, my wife, and my 15 month old are causing late work outs that end usually around 1AM. Then I get up for work at 6AM. Not NEARLY enough sleep. As a result I am expierencing a huge lack of energy and am burning out halfway through the warmup. Any suggestions??

    1. Christopher Azzari Post author

      Yikes Kevin something has to change in that routine. No other time to workout? You need your sleep and even more so when doing Insanity. I think you would see even better results if you changed the schedule around. If you keep up this pace you are gonna burn out and never get through the Max Workouts. As for diet… if you follow the guide you might be better off making your meals all in one day like a Sunday and having them ready for the week.

      Fore me I use Shakeology for breakfast and I usually eat the same things the rest of the week, but I break them up over the day. The next week I switch it up. Just easier then having a completely different meal plan everyday ya know.

      1. Kevin

        I have modified my schedule at work so I can take a one hour lunch break! Now I work out at work. I get a lot of odd looks, and some questions, but it seems to be working out better for me. Plus I think I may be motivating a couple co-workers to try the program out too!
        Thanks for the advice, Christopher

  8. Candy Barbary

    Insanity is great. I use to be a big girl, about 210 lbs. My only saving grace was that I wasn't totally out of shape. I lost about forty lbs so far. I am on the second month, the second time around. My body looks great. I am getting super ripped, and I am in great shape. Maybe I will try P90X next. The best part of it all is that I don't really diet. I just stopped eating a lot of sweets, stopped drinking soda, and started eating more fruits and veggies. I recommend Insanity to anyone who wants to make a change.

  9. dave

    hi ppl i completed this bout 4 months ago lost a few pounds nothing to extreme, only thing is i no i should satrt new yr with this exersize and want too…… but only thing stopping me is my job i work anything up to 12 / 14 hrs aday start at 615 and finish when eva so iam upat 4.30 5 am so iam going to struggle now to complete if i start any ideas ppl ?

    1. catech

      Hey Lydia how are you? How damaged is the knee? I would say you might be better off finding another workout that would be lower impact. Insanity can be pretty tough on the knees. I have been doing the Insanity workout on and off for awhile now and never had a knee injury, but I have had soreness. You should take a look at TurboFire… that is a great workout and they have a low impact modifier on stage showing you alternate moves. With Insanity they really don't have any modified moves. I think even power 90 had modifications for the moves as well, but check out TurboFire for sure!

      1. Lydia

        It's my husband. (I want an Insanity buddy!)He ruptured his cruciate ligament about 10 years ago. He had an op to repair it but it's still not 100% and sometimes gives him problems. We want a workout that really works an gives results. I'll have a look at TurboFire. Thanks for your help!

        1. Cyndi

          I ruptured my ACL 7 months ago playing roller derby. I was scheduled for reconstruction surgery but after working really hard and stregngthening all the muscles surrounding my knee the surgeon discouraged it as everything was tightning up nicely. I was getting bored of the spin bike being my only cardio so I thought I'd give Insanity a go. I do it without a brace and have had no issues. I'm on week 4 and actually feel as though this is helping make my muscles even stronger. However, if he can't jump without problems then I wouldn't do this. I just wanted to mention that it IS possible to do Insanity even if you've had previous knee problems. Just be smart. If it hurts, stop.

  10. paul

    im now into my second week and omg i feel amazing but hurt too….
    already im starting to look different…
    loving everyday…

  11. silv

    I've just got the dvds but all I want to know before I start the 60 day program is am I going to notice a change in my body please?!

    1. Darren

      Hi Silv, by now you're on about day 5 so you will probably know the answer to your own question.
      I'm not usually one to sweat much when training but I've found myself literally dripping every time doing these workouts.
      Today is day 11 and I'm finding it getting easier but still yet to make it through all of them without taking a breather towards the end. I've done intense boxing training before with a guy that trained a few British champs and this is on par and arguably tougher than those sessions.
      Keep pushing! Give it everything and it will give back.

  12. Silvia

    Omg. I completed my fit test as well as the first cd for the first day and this workout is a beast. I thought I was in decent shape. Nope…..think again. U won’t believe how many times I stopped. I will not give up tho. I want the result that I see online and on YouTube. Wish me luck. Awesome workout . Bye

  13. shetia

    I just startes insanity this week and my legs and back is aching! The push ups and jumps are the hardest to me but i am comiiting myself to go through the entire 60 days! Wish me luck!

    1. catech

      Yeah that first week is killer then the second week is still tough, but for me after those first 2 weeks it gets a lot easier and you actually look forward to your shaun t fix lol

  14. jerry p.

    this workout is very hard,im almost done with the 60 days! however this isnt the hardest workout put to tape.the hardest workout would have to be the cj carraci deathwish pt,performed by a pipeswinging navy seal, i cant even get through half of it

  15. Tina B

    I am proof that you can change you life at any age. I started INSANITY at the age of 42. Thinking I was fit before Insanity, well after the fit test INSANITY proved me wrong. That's we're it all began, the challenge was on. Determined to complete this grueling 60 day workout program using your own body weight gave me the strength, and passion to give it everything I had. Shaun T, pushes you to 'dig deeper' and not give in to weakness. I became mentally and physically strong. The results with this program are totally amazing! It is one of the best workouts I have ever completed. I lost 20lbs, 6 pack abs, 9" lost and feel amazing. I admit I love this program, I have been incorporating it with other Beachbody workouts. I call myself an INSANIAC!! Join me!

  16. Chris Post author

    As someone who has done the Insanity Workout before I have to say I am loving doing it all over again. This time I made sure I was in a bit better shape. I am currently in week 2 and I feel better all around. Shaun T constantly talks about keeping your core tight and making sure of it! He is so right. My core is so much stronger now and I feel so tight! Everything I do from getting up out of bed to getting out of the car just feels better. I am telling you… if you have been looking for a program to get you back into shape or push you to the next lever the Insanity Workout is it! This is no joke people!

  17. Victor

    DIG DEEP! I love these workouts. You feel like one of the family after going through the 60 days. It is 60 days of your life people, it is not that hard. I am in better shape now then I have been when I was going to the gym for the last 4 years. It amazes me how good i feel!

  18. Sarah

    I wanted to add my 2 cents in here on this workout. I have done a lot of workouts in my time. The great thing about the Insanity Workout is it is all there for you. You can do it anywhere and it kicks your a**. In 60 days I got in the best shape of my life. I have always been in decent shape, but this has changed me. If you are a beginner you can still do the insanity workout, but I think you will just have to pace yourself the first couple weeks.

  19. Stephanie

    As a woman most workouts I see tend to be a bit over the top. The insanity workout looks over the top, but when I saw how many women were actually doing it I said why not. The first 2 weeks were so hard for me, but I go through them. The pushups were hard, but I just did them on my knees and by week 4 I was doing regular pushups. It is amazing what you can do when your really push yourself. I say give it a shot. The other great thing is that the workouts are about 45 minutes long and just a bit longer during the max workouts.

    1. Sarah harrison

      Hi Stephanie, I have just read your review and it has really motivated me. I too was struggling with push ups and do them on my knees, however, I am now on the last day on week 3 and I have done 12 proper push ups so glad to see that I am at last getting stronger. All this at 47 I must be insane.

  20. Janet

    Well after seeing the before and after pictures I decided to go for it! All I can say is wow. I can see why people are getting results. The insanity workout is truly insane but well worth it. I hope I can make it the 60 days.

  21. Bill

    Insanity is sick!! You have to stick with the workouts and you will be fine. Just wait for the max workouts. This is where there fat comes off. Good luck and keep at it.

    1. Chris

      Yeah Max Workouts is where the true results come in. If you can dial in your diet right you will drop the pounds!

  22. Chris Post author

    Shaun T is the best. The great thing about the workouts is that there is always some mess up or funny quote and that humor helps you get through the workouts. These workouts are pretty tough. The first time I did the warm up I knew why this was called the Insanity Workout. With that said, your body becomes a fat burning machine and you will literally get in the best shape of your life. I have done the insanity workout twice and I am in the best shape of my life. If you are looking for a life changer then this is it!


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