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tai-chengHave you been a gym rat for a decade or more and have muscles toned everywhere, but don’t want to slack off and lose the muscle tone because you are bored with your current programs? Then you have nothing to worry about, because there is a revolutionary new program that will be taking the country by storm. This program is called Tai Cheng, and it is one of the Beach Body system’s newest and premier program to date. What is so special about this program, when it sounds like any other hot trend on the scene?

  • Tai Cheng was created by a doctor, who happens to know ancient Chinese medicinal arts, martial arts and how to work the muscles in a healing and appropriate way. Dr. Mark Cheng, who has knowledge of kinesiology and medicine, put together exercises and movements that will tone the muscles, keep them toned and work your cardio and get the whole body in shape. Don’t believe it?
  • The  program is a 13 week long program that combines many different exercises. Each day when you start your workout, there will be a warm-up session. Then, you will be instructed on one new move each day. The moves are built up and added on to each other as you progress through the weeks. The exercises use the movements to strengthen your body, improve your joint help and to give the metabolism a boost. The Tai Cheng program also works to boost the metabolism in a body naturally, just by incorporating a few muscle movements. Don’t believe it? Then maybe you should try it for yourself.
  • When you are tired of just stepping on the treadmill and jogging for 30 minutes a day or have fallen off the exercise routine because you were bored, Tai Cheng might be what you need to get your interest level back up. Or if you haven’t exercised for a while but used to be really good at it, then maybe you can ease back in to a daily workout routine with this program. There are different levels within the program that can be used and adjusted to fit your skill level, no matter what it is. If you need to use a piece of furniture or the wall for support, that is perfectly fine. If you have great balance and want to do the advanced moves some of the time, but not all of the time, that is fine too. Tai Cheng can be done by someone who is twelve years old or by someone who just had their 75th birthday party. That is one reason why the program is so great.
  • If you want to maintain your current health level but don’t want to head out to the gym and get sweaty with a few hundred of your closest friends, then you can try doing Tai Cheng in your own backyard. The moves are marital arts, combined with stretching combined with Tai Chi principles, so they can be done in virtually any location where you are comfortable. The Beach Body trainer you are working with can give you pointers on doing the routines or even work with you until you are comfortable going on your own.

Tai Cheng is a superb program to try if you have sore joints and want to be able to walk a long distance without feeling pain. It will also help a person have better posture naturally so they aren’t feeling or looking slouched. And one of the best reasons to try Tai Cheng is that it will make you feel better, healthier and rejuvenated to try the program one more day.
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One thought on “Tai Cheng Review

  1. Gary

    This looks interesting. I am very curious to see the new spin on this. I will be 56 next month and this workout might just be what I am looking for. Do you know when Tai Cheng will be available?


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