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Mike Karpenko is the creator of the hot new workout system called Tapout XT. Tapout XT, or extreme training, is a system he uses to train his own professional fighters with to get them in to the best shape, which is fighting shape, so they have the best performances ever. The system includes a lot of things, such as following a strict diet, taking specific supplements and by doing the workouts religiously. By following all three of those items, any body will show results within 90 days – male, female, younger or older. All it takes is the desire to go and look and feel your best and then it can be done.

  • There are 12 CDs in the system that each contain a different workout plan. They include one for the legs and back, cardio, ripped conditioning, abs, Muay Thai, yoga, buns and guns, sprawl and brawl, cross core, competition core, strength for the upper body and Plyo Xt. What do each of those workout titles mean to you? They should mean that you are looking forward to the challenge of getting ripped, feeling better and being stronger than ever before.

Strength & Force Upper

  • The strength and force upper DVD works on developing the lean muscle in your upper body workout. The whole upper body will be worked on, but definition of the chest, shoulders and triceps is given.

Plyo XT

  • The Plyo XT workout is a lower body workout. It is meant to burn calories and work all of the muscles so you are dripping with sweat and working on defining long and lean muscle tissue.

Competition Core

  • The competition core DVD is what will work your body to the max. MMA fighters have bodies that most people dream of, but by using this DVD workout, it can be achieved. The DVD focuses on defining the lower abs and getting rid of any trace of love handles on a person. The upper and middle abs are also developed so there isn’t any pooch belly visible any longer.

Cross Core

  • The cross core DVD uses more MMA moves in it for the workout. Punch away in the air or kick away all of your stress. The workout is intense and will burn hundreds of calories as you progress through all of the steps in it.

Buns & Guns

  • The buns and guns DVD will do what it says, work out the butt and help define the arms in the process. It will do movements to lift the butt and it will help get the triceps and biceps firmer than they have ever been.


  • Yoga isn’t for the weak hearted! This intense yoga DVD workout will stretch all of the muscles you never knew existed. The workout will help to define the muscles even when you don’t think so. The results will prove positive when you regularly do this routine as instructed.

Sprawl & Brawl

  • Sprawl and brawl is the DVD workout that will get you in fighting shape – for real. If you are thinking of considering some amateur fights, then this is the CD to follow. There will be lots of sweating, stretching, punching and kicking as you work your overall body in to a lean mass of muscle.

Muay Thai

  • Muay Thai is an MMA combat technique. This DVD workout will have you doing kicks, stand up striking and working out the entire body so that fat is burned everywhere. No more weakness in your body as you practice all of the Muay Thai moves along with this DVD.

Ultimate Abs

  • The ultimate abs DVD will do as it promises. It will give you the ultimate looking 6 pack that will make you proud of your accomplishments in completing this DVD. Rock hard abs will be the result of following the DVD regularly.

Legs & Back

  • The legs and back DVD will also be toning and firming what is says. Your legs will have definition and so will your entire backside, from your buns all the way up to your neck.

Cardio XT

  • The cardio XT workout focuses on your heart. Where would your body be without a strong heartbeat every day? The cardio DVD works on keeping your heart healthy so it can pump effectively through all of the other routines you like to perform on a regular basis. How often can you work it out with these CDs?

Ripped Conditioning

  • The last DVD in the system is the ripped conditioning DVD. This workout uses the resistance band and will make your muscles ripped looking in no time. Don’t think that because you are using just a band that it will be easy – this is the workout you will feel and the one that will make your muscles show. Definition will be apparent after several uses, so be prepared to show off how great you look after just a few short weeks.

Besides the DVD workouts you get to choose from, there is also a meal plan included with the system. The meal plan includes recipes to eating more protein and knowing how and when to snack the right way with foods that will build up muscle mass rather than fat. The food guide also includes details on what supplements are healthy to take and which ones should be taken daily. The supplements are a way to add vitamins and minerals to your body so that it stays healthy and safe during all of the routines you choose to do. Eating right and keeping your mineral level up is just as important to a healthy body as the regular workouts are.

Mike Karpenko pushes his own fighters with these workouts, so they are guaranteed to work for you too. Follow his system for just 90 days and the results will be apparent to everyone you come in to contact with. Not only will you look and feel better, but your body will be lean, defined and attract attention from people you don’t even know. Isn’t a few hours of sweating worth all of the compliments you will get when the results are visible and obvious to everyone? It will sure make you feel good and want to continue on, that’s for sure.

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